About GRBL setting

ask: What can GRBL setting do? answer: GRBL setting can be used to customize your grbl device, like max rate, max travel…   ask: Where can I change GRBL setting? answer: Open LaserGRBL software, Menu->Grbl->Grbl Configuration. Like This:   For most customers, the following settings are useful: $110: Max rate of X $111: Max rate …

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How to place your device correctly?

We found that sometimes users make mistakes about the correct orientation of NEJE device, the following is correct. For NEJE 2S and NEJE 2S Plus   For NEJE 2S Max   For all neje device, this is correct option at lightburn.

How to work with LaserGRBL

This page is only for NEJE 2S series. First: Prepare your device For NEJE Master 2 Serise device, we recommend baudrate 38400 firmware, so flash your firmware to 38400 baudrate. For NEJE Master 2S Serise device, We recommend baudrate 115200 firmware, so flash your firmware to 115200 baudrate. Make sure your device is at IDLE mode or …

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How to test GRBL stability

This page is for NEJE Master 2 series and NEJE 2S series devices. rename note.  Before start: For reliable test results, please flash GRBL firmware once before start, and keep the default GRBL setting. what is GRBL setting? How to Test: Go and install the control software, or download LaserGRBL 4.4.1  from here. Download …

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