Emergency Fix for NEJE 3 GRBL Laser Output Error

Please Note

We upgraded NEJE 3 series equipment for free for some customers who purchased NEJE 2S series equipment, so your equipment may be NEJE 3 equipment, How to know my device type.

Influenced Device

  1. NEJE 3
  2. NEJE 3 Plus
  3. NEJE 3 Pro
  4. NEJE 3 Max

Influenced Firmware Version

  • GRBL v1.0.0
  • GRBL v1.0.1


In GRBL mode, the output power of the laser does not match the setting. The following picture is the test result. It can be seen that the working result does not match the setting.


After the repair is completed, the expected effect is as follows:



Because of a bug in GRBL, the PWM output value is incorrectly multiplied by 10

How to Fix

Update your device’s GRBL firmware to the latest version, How to update firmware ?

Test File