Troubleshooting of NEJE 2S Series Device

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This page will help you locate the problem of your device.

Stage 1: Power up

Do as follow:

  1. Move the laser module of your device to the middle of the working range of your device by hand.
  2. Unplug power cable and usb cable.
  3. Disconnect laser module.
  4. Power up your device with power cable.
  5. Connect laser module again.

Normally, when you power your device at step 3, the 4 leds will turn on one by one, after about 2 seconds, there should only one RED led still on and all other leds off (Please shot led status at your video). Connect laser module at step 4, your module will turn on fan about 2 seconds, then fan off, see detail.


If you have problem at Stage 1, please contact us and don’t need Stage 2. Please take a video to us, this video shall show the led status when you power up your device(Please shot the led status when you take a video).

Stage 2: Connect to NEJE control software

Do as follow:

  1. Connect USB cable to computer
  2. Run the latest version software of NEJE, device auto connected.
  3. Start a new work by choose a picture you like.[Please set burning time to 10mS and laser power to 100%]


Stage 3: Working with Bluetooth

Please see this link: How to work with Bluetooth

If you have problems with Bluetooth using, please contact us.

Stage 4: Working with lightburn

Please see this link: How to work with LightBurn

If your device stops randomly at work, this link may help you : Solution of NEJE 2S series devices stop working

How to shoot a video describing the problem ?

If your device is not working as expected, please contact us and provide a video, this video should contain all the test steps above, especially in stage 1, please shoot the LEDs status in video when you power up your device.