Troubleshooting of GRBL

This article is only applicable to neje 2 / 2S series device, rename tips.

In order to eliminate the influence of grbl setting (what is grbl setting), please flash the grbl firmware once before troubleshooting(How to flash grbl firmware).

Connect to device:

Download and install LaserGRBL, then connect to device. How to ?

Test your motor :

Test your motor by click this link: How to test motor at GRBL?

Test laser module :

Test your laser by click this link: How to test laser at GRBL?

Test homing :

Test homing by click this link: How to test homing at GRBL?

Work test :

Download this test file, and load it at LaserGRBL, then start work.

Test stability :

If your device stop working at middle of work or fails to complete the work, it is recommended to do stability test.

If you have other problem, please contact us. To avoid repeated communication, please take a screenshot of the GRBL setting page of your device.