How to update firmware


This tutorial is only applicable to neje3 series devices

Look for NEJE 1/2/2S device? Click here


Flash GRBL firmware once will reset GRBL setting, this may fix some problems caused by GRBL settings


Updating firmware requires a network, ensure your computer network is working properly

Download latest control software for windows, run this program

When connect to device, If your device have a firmware update avaiable, you will get a hint, If not, click Firmware Update button on window right down corner.

Click Flash button and make all firmware is UP-TO-DATE

What is label mean?

NEED UPDATE: You device firmware need do a update

UP-TO-DATE: Good, Your device is UP-TO-DATE, is the latest

NEED FLASH: Your device firmware is broken, you need do a firmware flash(by click flash button)

Please update all firmware and make all firmware is UP-TO-DATE like below: