How to Update Firmware


This tutorial is only applicable to neje 3/4 series devices
Look for NEJE 1/2/2S device? Click here


Flash GRBL firmware once will reset GRBL setting, this may fix some problems caused by GRBL settings


Updating firmware requires a network, ensure your computer network is working properly

Windows ONLY

The following firmware upgrade methods are only applicable to the Windows operating system. If you are a Mac or Linux system, please try to upgrade the firmware on the following website (Bluetooth and Chrome browser support is required)

Download latest control software for windows, run this program

When connect to device, If your device have a firmware update avaiable, you will get a hint, If not, click Firmware Update button on window right down corner.

Click Flash button and make all firmware is UP-TO-DATE

What is label mean?

NEED UPDATE: You device firmware need do a update

UP-TO-DATE: Good, Your device is UP-TO-DATE, is the latest

NEED FLASH: Your device firmware is broken, you need do a firmware flash(by click flash button)

Please update all firmware and make all firmware is UP-TO-DATE like below: