How to Use Laser Module

NEJE has a variety of laser modules, but the control methods are the same

12V: Power input

GND: Power ground and signal ground(pwm ground)

TTL/PWM: TTL = PWM, input 3.3V~12V to turn on laser module, connect to GND or not connect to turn off laser module

Temperature: Communication interface. For DIY players, please ignore this pin

About Power

Connect 12V and GND pin to 12V power, ensure the power adapter is sufficient, 12V 5A is recommended, What Power Adapter Should I Use?

About PWM

Connect TTL/PWM pin to your control board PWM output pin

NOTE: DON’T FORGET connect GND to your control board.

How to Make Laser Module Work with Your Control Board?

About PWM signal specification.

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How to Test My Laser Module?

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