How to Contact us?

Register an account in our support forum and post in the corresponding block to get technical support. If you don’t want to use the forum after-sales system, you can directly communicate with us by email( However, we strongly recommend using the forum after-sales system because it is more efficient.

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How to Get Help at the Forum ?

In order to avoid multiple communication due to incomplete information, you’d better provide the following information:

  1. Your device type and firmware version number (It’s on neje control software main interface, please take a screenshort and send to us)
  2. If you have questions about the GRBL, please flash GRBL firmware once and take a screenshot of the GRBL Uploder software(if it fails, please also take a screenshot)
  3. Carefully describe the problems you encounter. It’s best to attach a picture description. The detailed description is very helpful to us
  4. More information you think is useful

thank you!