How to Read Temperature From Laser Module?


This article only applies to digital type lasers

This article is of little help to most people. If you are not a geek, you can close this page.

If you want to read the temperature from your module, if you have a NEJE control board, you can easily obtain the laser module temperature in the lower left corner of the NEJE control software. If you want to obtain the temperature yourself without passing through the NEJE control board, this may be a bit difficult.


Uart detail: 200bps baud rate, one start bit, 8 bit data, one stop bit, no check bit.

Command Deatil:

[Header] [Length] [CMD_VER] [FW_VER & ID] [Temperature(int)] [Temperature(float)] [PWM_Input] [CheckSum]

  • Header: 0xFF
  • Length: length of command
  • CMD_VER: version of this command
  • FW_VER & ID: FW_VER << 4 | ID
  • Temperature(int): integer part of temperature
  • Temperature(float): fractional part of temperature(0-9)
  • PWM_Input: pwm input read back
  • CheckSum: check of command(not include header)