How to Work with LaserGRBL

First: Prepare your device

  1. For NEJE Master 2 Serise device, we recommend baudrate 38400 firmware, so flash your firmware to 38400 baudrate.
  2. For NEJE Master 2S Serise device, We recommend baudrate 115200 firmware, so flash your firmware to 115200 baudrate.
  3. Make sure your device is at IDLE mode or GRBL mode. How to know my device mode?

Second: Download LaserGRBL and run program.

How to load nc file?

File -> Open File -> (Your File) -> Start(Green button)


Connection failed.

Check list:

  1. Make sure the COM port is correct, Which serial port is my device?
  2. Make sure baudrate is correct, try 38400 and 115200.
  3. If you still can’t connect, please contact us.