Emergency Fix for NEJE 3 Series No Response on Mac

Influenced Device

  1. NEJE 3
  2. NEJE 3 Plus
  3. NEJE 3 Pro
  4. NEJE 3 Max

Influenced Firmware Version

  • System v1.0.0
  • System v1.0.1
  • System v1.0.2


We found that when the customer runs lightburn on the Mac computer, the neje 3 series device will stop working, and then cannot connect and perform any actions. The cause of this problem is a firmware bug. This problem can be solved by updating the firmware


There is a communication problem with the USB protocol stack. Receiving 0 bytes of data will cause the USB protocol stack to get stuck.

How to Fix

Update your device’s GRBL firmware to the latest version, How to update firmware ?