What is My Device Mode?

For NEJE 2 series and NEJE 2S series

  1. IDLE mode(only red led on).
  2. GRBL mode(red and yellow led on)
  3. NEJE mode(red and one or two blue leds on)
  4. Off mode(long press 1 second the red button will turn off device. this mode no led will on)

How to switch mode?

  1. Close software.
  2. plug out power cable and usb cable of your device.
  3. power on your device by plug in power cable.
  4. connect usb cable.
  5. open control software(NEJE control software or GRBL control software…), device will switch correct mode automatically.

For NEJE 3 and NEJE 4 series

  1. GRBL mode(default after power on, only one red led will on)
  2. NEJE mode(red and yellow led will on)