Why Image is Incomplete

Got 3 bad run.

Expected effect:


450nm laser is not suitable for engraving on light colored materials. 450nm laser is easier to reflect than 405nm laser. When most of the energy is reflected, it cannot be engraved.

Why is the missing piece by piece?

When a piece has been burned, it will be easy to continue burning at the edge of the piece. If there is no burning, it will be very difficult to start burning the first point, because it will be reflected and cannot burn the first point, but the first point has been burned, and it will be easy to continue from this point, because the reflection will be greatly reduced.

How to solve it?

The fundamental solution is: for engraving materials that are easy to reflect light, please use 405nm laser

You can also try:

  1. Please make sure the focus is perfect. Bad focus will make the situation worse.
  2. Try dark materials, which will reflect less.
  3. Engrave after blackening the material (erase with alcohol, etc. after engraving).