Why Stepper Motor Making Noise at Stop ?

NEJE series products use stepper motor as power source, stepper motor is very different from other types of motors, when stepper motor is not moving, there may be two states:

  1. Free (The axis can be easily moved by hand)
  2. Lock (It is difficult to move the axis by hand)

If you learn more about stepper motors, you will understand that when the stepper motor is in a locked state, the torque is the largest and the power consumption is the highest, and now the stepper motor driver generally has stepper subdivision technology, which makes the stepper The motor movement is more precise, but there may be a noise in a certain locked position, the sound is sometimes louder and sometimes smaller, depending on which microstep the stepper motor is locked on, the noise will not affect any function of the device, If you feel that the sound is disturbing you, you can turn off the power of your device when you are not using it.