How to Make Laser Module Work with Your Control Board

First: you need to know which pin is PWM output pin of your control board

There are many kinds of control boards on the market. We can’t test each control board. Here is only a general method to confirm how to connect. The following methods may have errors. Please consult your control board vendor for details.

  1. Generally, PWM output pin will have PWM mark, TTL mark or LASER mark nearby.
  2. On Arduino, For Grbl v0.8 and v0.9+ with variable spindledisabled,  pwm output is D12.
  3. On Arduino, For Grbl v0.9 and v1.1+ default builds, pwm output is D11.

For MakerBase MKS DLC v2.1:

Note for MakeBase MKS DLC with NEJE Laser Adapter: The TTL line of the attached 2p is opposite to the polarity of makebase TTL, and two lines need to be exchanged before it can be used.

For CNC SHIELD v3.0:

Second: Connect laser module to your control board.

Here is 4 ways connect laser module to your control board: