How to use laser modules

NEJE has many types of laser modules, but the control is the same. The following figure is the pin description:

12V: Power positive .

GND: Power ground or power negative.

TTL/PWM: TTL = PWM, input 3.3V~12V to turn on laser module, conect to GND to turn off laser module.

Temperature: do not connect, please ignore.

Connect 12V and GND pin to 12V power, ensure the power adapter is sufficient, 5A is recommended.

Connect TTL/PWM pin to your control board PWM output pin.

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5 thoughts on “How to use laser modules”

  1. Mark Veilleux

    Purchased the Module NEJE A40640. I own an Ortur Master Laser2 Pro. I am not sure how to install it to my 24 volt laser. Is there a video on this procedure? There were no instructions included.


    how many pressure in Bar its needed for air assitent gor NEJE 40630. Thanks.
    in instruction its 0.6-1,5 Mpa but this its 6-15 Bar… very hard. Its this correct?

  3. I bought the neje master 2s max40640 a few days ago, however the laser beam itself doesn’t work. The fan activates for two seconds and there is a light that flashes about 7 times but there is no laser beam whatsoever.


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