How to Get Help at Support Forum?

First, You need creat an account at forum

Click this link to creat an account

Then, Creat a topic and describe your problem

How to creat a topic at the forum?

This links may help you describe your issue:

How to attach a image when I post?

How to attach a video when I post?

How to attach a file when I post?

When you post your issue, the staff of NEJE will reply you, you may need to provide more information of your issue, you’d better reply at the topic you have created rather then creat a new topic, if you don’t know where to reply, this link may help:

How to find my topics, where should I reply?


Who will help me solve the issue?

NEJE-Service is Chief Service. He handles all new issue, but he can only deal with general problems, When he encounters a problem that he can’t handle, he will turn it over to JackWong, If you think your problem is tough, or you think Chief Service is not doing a good job of helping you out, you can enter @JackWong in your post, and the senior engineer will take over your problem soon.

How to send a personal message?

Learn how to send a personal message