How to set focus light?

What is focus light?

We all know that focus needs to be done before the device starts to work, the focus light brightness is for you to set the laser to a very low brightness while the device is focusing, this will help you focus

Why to change focus light?

The focus brightness is achieved by the controller outputting a very low PWM duty, such as 0.01%, but the laser brightness emitted by the same PWM of different lasers is different. If it is too bright or too dark, it will cause inconvenience to focus. This is the reason why to change focus light.

How to change focus light?


Open NEJE control software -> Setting -> Set laser brightness when at idle



In GRBL mode, the focus light of NEJE still exists and cannot be turned off

How to set focus light via G Code


Open NEJE control software -> Setting -> Set foxus light of laser


Open LaserGRBL then Menu Grbl -> Grbl configuration -> fins ‘$40’ -> Set a new value

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