Solution of NEJE 2S series devices stop working

This page is only for NEJE 2S serise devices, Looking for NEJE Master 2 serises devices?

If you have a problem of stopping halfway while using LightBurn or LaserGRBL, the general failure phenomenon is that the work cannot be completed, freezing, etc., this article should be helpful to you.

First of all, please do a GRBL stability test. We have different solutions to deal with different reasons.

Test failed and some strange text showed up like below

This can fixed by flash Update_7.7.exe How to flash? How to flash NEJE firmware

Test failed and UnexpectedReset showed up like below

If your LaserGRBL show like above, please do as follow to solve the problem:

First, download NEJE GRBL Uploder v3.6 and flash the firmware like below(How to flash GRBL firmware?):

Second: Download Update 8.6.exe and flash the NEJE firmware (How to reset the NEJE firmware)

OK, your device should be repaired. If not, please contact us.

Note: after flash 8.6 firmware to your device, The laser will turned off completely . If you need weak light focusing, please focus in neje mode, or use M03 S01 and other commands to turn on weak light on GRBL.

Test failed and StopResponding showed up like below

This is because wrong grbl setting, It’s not a hardware problem, keep Hard limit enable = 0 will fix this problem, like below:

If your device is not working properly, but the fault phenomenon is different from the above, you can try a common method:

Try generic solution

Try flash your firmware to 7.7 or 8.6

If your device firmware is below 8.0, try flash Update_7.7.exe How to flash? How to flash NEJE firmware

If your device firmware is above 8.0, try flash Update 8.6.exe How to flash? How to flash NEJE firmware

If your problem is not solved, please contact us and provide detailed information.


19 thoughts on “Solution of NEJE 2S series devices stop working”

  1. Eugenie Bril

    HI will there be an update for MAC users also? i can not download or use any of your sollutions

      1. Eugenie Bril

        Thank you jack. I’m disappointed. But hope you wil in near future
        I like my machine. But this makes it bad to use 🙁

  2. I have Updated 3.7 all ready Master 2s I have multiple NEJE Modules. The NEJE B25425 never stops working at any settings for hours at a run over 6 hours on some renders np. But the other module will stop The 0006 is one. depending on images settings it or will not finish the engraving.
    The N40630 never stopped. The A30130 is being replaced. The master 2s never quit working or stopped working with any of the firm ware versions.
    I do use light burn and keep it updated.

    My Question is should I down grade to the 3.6 firmware or leave it as is with the 3.7 firmware.

      1. Rudy Maier

        I very much appreciate your response, however I’m uncertain what it means. What firmware version should I run after the GRBL fix stopping problem update?

  3. hola hice todo lo del manual que indica y no me dio ningun error, pero la temperatura del laser se sigue poniendo en cero luego de grabar unos pocos minutos y la maquina queda pegada….. habitualmente esta pasando esto!!! no se puede trabajar podrias ayudar po favor! gracias.

  4. I have a Master 2s plus and work with lightburn. Laser stops everytime after ~30min
    Update 8.3 is failing and i get the message “MCU not match”.
    Made a 1hour Stability Test and it worked…
    Any tips for me?

  5. Leonhard Gallian

    Hi, I have the same problem as Bastian. Updated the software- was successful, tested my device with LaserGRBL for one hour- worked without stop, then used lightburn again- laser stops every ~30 min. what else can I do?

  6. Hello. I have a problem with my device. MASTER 2S. It stops working after 30-40 minutes of burning a photo. I updated the software and changed the USB port. The computer does not go to sleep. I changed the USB cable. I did a flashing and a Mickey Mouse test. The problem returns

  7. Pavel Ciobanu

    hi ,Jack.i was flashing the 8.6 update and it was work fine but now in lightburn the the dot is not coming on so i am unable to frame something,how can i turn it on again?thanks jn advance!

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